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COS Co-Director Jim Leape on Illegal Fishing in the Pacific

November 12, 2019
Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

An opinion piece by Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions’ co-director Jim Leape was recently published on the World Economic Forum’s Agenda. In the blog post, Leape addresses the threat of illegal fishing in the Pacific and its growing impacts on local and global economies, ocean health and resources, and the physical safety of many different communities.

Leape draws on New York Times investigative journalist Ian Urbina’s new book, The Outlaw Ocean, which chronicles the stories of the lawless high seas. Building on the established stories of illegal and extralegal activity on the high seas, Leape then suggests space for solutions, with a particular focus on the role of policy and technology in helping address this global problem. “By the time heads of state gather for APEC Malaysia 2020,” Leape said, "they must be well on the way to ensuring an end to this scourge of the ocean.”


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